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About Willow Falls

We strive for naturalism with a sense of elegance.


Willow Falls is more than a Barn Venue. It is an authentic, working farm that offers a crisp feel of raw country living. With its beautiful landscapes, delightful farm animals, and
gorgeous sunsets that embrace large oak trees. It is a perfect place to begin your happily ever after. Located in the heart of Missouri, right outside the City of Bourbon.


The Small Details

Our story begins back in 2017 when two kids fell in love, not only with one another but with the idea of country living. They decided to make a change and move to the country, not knowing what would come of this 80-acre farm. It wasn’t very long before they decided on forever, and with that came a big, beautiful barn. With the help of some family and friends, they constructed what is now, the Willow Falls Barn. Never meaning to be a birthplace for more forever, however, they found themselves making another change. After all, the best things in life come unexpectedly.

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