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I consider my signature style to be a lush, loose garden style. Focusing on large head blooms
and unique filler flowers that display lots of texture. I will use a variety of greens and branches to give an untamed, natural look.


I do not follow a strict form. I treat my work as an art and my clients love me for it. I make every arrangement with the client’s vision in mind which makes it unique and special in its own way. I do have recipes and have created recipes to follow. I tend to follow them loosely, almost treating them as guidelines.


I am a self-taught florist and designer however I am constantly finding new resources to learn from and grow. I love to try new ideas and play with fresh and dried florals and occasionally will add fruits and vegetables to my arrangements. I strive to be different and love creating pieces that would otherwise seem, unusual. I choose to focus on the textures and colors of the plants and flowers. I pay very close attention to detail and will continuously work on a project until I feel it’s ‘just right’.

When it comes down to ‘nailing’ your style or vibe, I prefer to discuss colors rather than particular flowers. Once we establish a color palette, then I can source the best blooms based on seasonal availability.  Not all flowers are available all year round and sometimes there may be a specific flower you wish to use that won’t be in bloom during the time of your wedding. This is when you’ll decide if you’re going to trust me and my judgment in picking out the best-suited flowers for you. If there is a flower that you must have, don’t worry, there’s always Silk Florals! Sometimes I will use a silk flower in place of a fresh bloom for specific reasons but using strictly Silks can still be rather costly and may not look ‘real’ enough to your liking.

Outsourcing Blooms &
Our Seasonal Blooms

We ensure the most beautiful blooms, whether they come from our farm, or a farm elsewhere. You can depend on Turtle Hills to provide you with a quality product. We use a trusted source for the blooms that are shipped in. Guaranteeing satisfaction every time. There is no need to worry that your flowers will ever be, anything less than perfect. In the mid-late summer months, you have the opportunity to use our fresh, homegrown flowers from our very own field. We even encourage you to come pick some flowers for yourselves.

Why are our flowers only available mid-late summer?
We currently do not have any greenhouses and cannot say for certain we will ever implement them on our farm. We love the ‘Wildflower Field’ aspect, and our customers do too! We grow a wide variety of flowers, including but not limited to: Lisianthus, Peonies, Dahlias,
Zinnias, Lillys, and Sunflowers. It is highly encouraged to grab a photographer and spend a couple of hours playing in the field!



If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to submit your question through our Contact form!


Q: “What is your pricing like? Do you require a deposit or have a price minimum?”

A: Our pricing is specific to each bride and her needs. We price per item and itemize everything in detail on our proposal invoices.
We require a 25% deposit at the time of booking to hold your date. We do not have a strict minimum price point, but we do specialize in specialty cut flowers, which
may reflect in our pricing.



Q: “Will you provide an itemized list of all the elements along with prices?”

A: Yes! We believe in transparency. We outline in detail each item you will be receiving and paying for.


Q: “Which forms of payment do you take?”

A: We take debit/credit, cash, or check.

Q: “When will I receive a contract?”

A: We have a three-step process.

1. Welcome Questionnaire

2. Vision Boards

3. Proposal Invoice + Contract

 Once the vision boards are approved, I work up the proposal invoice which will then have the contract attached to it. If pricing is approved, then we sign the contracts and submit the down payment.


Q: “Are you able to come back after the wedding has concluded to pick up your items or do you require
us to return them?”

A: We can return to the venue to pick up the items that were rented. Depending on distance and times,
sometimes we arrange for the couple or a family member to return the items or meet at a later date.


Q: “Do you offer rentals? Candles, vases, arbor, etc?”

A: Yes! We offer an array of decoration items specific to your wants and needs!.


Q: “Do you deliver and set up the florals or can we do that to cut costs?”

A: The simplest answer is, yes, I and my team hand deliver the flowers and set them up ourselves. It is
our job as professionals to ensure satisfaction by bringing the florals in the most pristine condition
possible. It is also a display of our craft by setting them up just the way you envisioned.



Q: “Do you charge an extra fee to stay on site through the ceremony to set up the reception?”

A: This price is added into our ‘handling/delivery charge” and is pre-approved. However, if you have a
Day of Coordinator, they can help transition items from the ceremony space to the reception space if


Q: “How many weddings do you typically do a weekend or at one time?”

A: How many weddings I do when is dependent on what is already booked and how large the events are. For example, if I have a wedding that only requires personals to be dropped off, I will consider taking on another wedding for that date or weekend.

Q: “Are you able to provide a mock-up?”

A: Truthfully, I wish I could however this is not normal practice for me. Most of the time we out-source our flowers, and ordering specific quantities can get costly.


Q: “What design styles do you work with?”

A: My signature style is a lush, loose garden style. However, I truthfully love many styles and am open to trying different, unique things! 

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